1. All footwears and sportwears purchased at eSneakerGh are eligible to return so far as they are unused and same as how they were received upon delivery.
  2. No used footwear or sportwear will be accepted at eSneakerGh.
  3. Product purchased at eSneakerGh when returning should be done within 72 hours of delivery.
  4. Failure to return a product purchased at eSneakerGh within the alloted time disqualifies eligibility for return.
  5. Before you return a product purchased at eSneakerGh you need to send a whatsApp or email message to eSneakerGh the day you received them.
  6. Once your return request is received and processed, an email or WhatsApp message would be sent to notify customers about their return request.
  7. At eSneakerGh all footwears and sportwears returned will be exchange for you.
  8. There is no refund of money once you purchase a footwear or sportwear at eSneakerGh.
  9. Refund can only occur when the product you returned resold for you at eSneakerGh.
  10. As such, refund time would depend on how long the reselling takes.
  11. The cost of delivery during a return would be funded by client.