We offer same-day delivery within 24hours after confirmation of Payment in Kumasi.

The maximum time it takes to deliver a product outside Kumasi is 72hours.

We offer door to door delivery in kumasi at a cost of 10gh to 15gh based on your location.

We use FedEx delivery services to deliver to all regional capitals at a cost of 15gh to 20gh per product.

Whenever you purchase multiple products there will be an additional cost on the delivery fee depending on the number of products.

All delivery done outside the above mentioned locations is by bus and station cars for you to pick up at designated stations based on your location.

The cost of delivery outside the above mentioned locations depends on the amount the driver of the bus or station car will take and is also based on your location.

All delivery costs must be paid first before delivery.

No part payment of delivery fee will be accepted.

For delivery outside the above mentioned locations, the phone number of the driver and the car number will be sent to you so you communicate with them to know where they are at all time.

Whenever your product is delivered to you a whatsApp or email message should be sent to eSneakerGh for confirmation.


There is no shipping outside Ghana yet. But we are still working towards that..