eSneakerGh established in 2020, is an online Footwear and Sportwear store in Ghana that gives customers a variety of original sneakers and jerseys to make a selection of their choice based on their type, teams, brand, color and size and to buy and receive them at the comfort of their homes through our delivery system. People find it difficult to buy footwears and sportwears from unknown stores because of fear of getting fake brands after paying high sums of monies for them. As a result, eSneakerGh is here to make it easier and even more convenient to buy original footwears and sportwears at affordable prices online from your phones and laptops at the comfort of your homes and workplaces. eSneakerGh is the best e-commerce footwear and sportwear store that makes buying original sneakers and jerseys easy.



Originality is the hallmark of eSneakerGh. All the footwears and sportwears we are selling at eSneakerGh are original and classified under the first grade of sneakers and jerseys. All our products come with great durability, longitivity and high quality. eSneakerGh is not here to give you fake products but to sell original and quality products that will last long for you.


At eSneakerGh we tell the truth to our customers, workers and partners at all times. We don’t lie to our customers for our own money gain. Whatever goes on at eSneakerGh, it is ensured that all parties involved are well informed.


Of all the things we offer our customers we want all our customers to be loyal to us always as we are loyal to them at all times. And continue to do business with us at all times.


To make the eSneakerGh brand one of the biggest online footwear and sportwear stores in Ghana, Africa and the world in the years to come. And to make our customers enjoy doing business with us at all times.